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  Our convenient location just 1 block from the town center makes renting bikes so  easy! Whether you are just arriving to town on the ferry and want to find a great  bike rental shop that is close to the pier, or maybe you drove into town and parked  at the 400 space public parking lot directly next to our shop, you're sure to find us! 

Provincetown Bike Rentals

Our Location, at 136 Bradford Street, Provincetown MA

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Provincelands Bike Trail Map
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      Points of Interest near our location;

  • Center of Town/Town Pier- 1 block
  • Pilgrim Monument- .4 Miles
  • Beginning of Provincelands Trail- .75 Miles
  • Visitor Center- 2 Miles
  • Race Point Beach- 3.1 Miles
  • Herring Cove Beach has 3 options;
  1. The Long Way- 8.2 Miles
  2. The Shortcut (Beech Forest)- 4.7 Miles
  3. The Direct Ride (Commercial/Bradford St)- 2.3 Miles             
  • ​The Big Ride- This Ride takes you on the Provincelands Bike Trail, and hits both Race Point and Herring cove, than returns to our shop through town. It is the longest loop you can take without back tracking- 10.3 Miles

   We are very commonly asked for recommendations about food and    lunch destinations while out on a bike. We have 2 Favorite options and    would encourage you to do either;

  1. Lunch on the pier. Lopes Square is just outside the Public Pier (1 block away), and is very well known for its casual, walk-up style food service. Our favorite thing to do, is walk to the shop that smells delicious, order food, and walk down to the pier to eat it. You can enjoy your Lobster Roll while sitting on the edge of the boardwalk, feet dangling over the clear ocean water as you watch ships coming into the Harbor.​                   
  2. Far Land Provisions at Herring Cove. Far Land Provisions is a long standing provisions shop selling everything a small grocer would, and specializing in their lunch service. Recently, Far Land has opened up another shop at Herring Cove Beach, right on the water. We Recommend a nice ride through the Provinceland Trails so you can work up an appetite, and stopping at Herring Cover Beach to enjoy the award winning sandwiches that Far Land has to offer.                                  
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